Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Dear fast food and fuzz campers.

Just a gentle reminder that the camp will happen at the GBHQ on the 4th of July, Sat to 5th of July, Sun.

Please gather at the meeting point before 8.30am (on Sat) as we will leave punctually.

We will come back to school at about 3pm the next day (Sun).

Things to bring for the FAST FOOD AND FUZZ CAMP:
1.       bible (if have)
2.       water bottle
3.       stationery (pen, pencil, scissors, glue, colour pencils, crayons, coloured papers, marker pens)
4.       toiletries: towel, soap/bath gel, toothbrush and toothpaste
5.       one set of clothes (t-shirt, shorts, underwear)
6.       insect repellent/insect patches if needed
7.       thin bed sheet and blanket
8.       wide bowl to eat porridge, fork and spoon, cup with handles (No disposables are allowed)(Please ensure that the bowl, utensils and cup are not breakable and can take heat)
9.       slipper/sandals for bathing (optional)
10.    second hand storybook for donation (must be in good condition)
11.    recyclable materials for craft and 1 bottle of white glue  (For craftwork)
12.    Thermometer
13.    Personal medication

Things not to bring:
  1. Jewelry
  2. Tidbits, food
  3. Sleeping bag

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