Saturday, March 17, 2012


Dear Parents and Girls,

I'm really super proud to announce that our company, 12th Coy from NYPS is a proud recipient of the Gold award for the Creative Cheer Challenge!

This would not have happen if it is not for the 21 girls who really put in super a lot of effort and sweat (thankfully, no blood) in all the practices and all. You have done us proud again!

Also, really want to thank the two beautiful and talented choreographers, Miss Sarah Choo and Beverly jie jie (too young to be under other salutation) for coming up with all the awesome moves and cheer. Not only that, we need to thank the beautiful mummy and designer, Anne, for all the uniforms, makeup, hairclips and etc.

Not forgetting Mam Sarah, Mam Estee, Mam Fatima and all the rest of the Mams who have put in a lot of effort in selecting the clothes, materials for the girls' cheer uniforms and all the discussion, planning and administrative work to make this happen.

And thank you, Mrs Lee for gracing the event to support the girls.

Last but not least, just want to say a big thank you to all the parents, especially the parents of the girls involved in the Creative Cheer Challenge. Thank you for believing in GB and your children! Thank you for waking up early to send your child to school for GB, cheer practices and competition. Thank you for all the snacks that you had prepared for the girls and the adults. And thank you for helping with the makeup and hair earlier today.

A big thank you to everyone who made today such a cheerful event! :)


Here's the video taken using my phone with the help of one of the girls: (Please pardon the blurness, I think is due to dust)

Mam Faith

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