Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Updates to Term 2 schedule

Dear girls & parents, 

Here are some updates to the activities you have submitted the e-consent form for. As the activities are planned early on, there may be some unforeseen circumstances that require us to make some adjustments as new information comes in. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. 

Please note that there is no need to resubmit the e-consent form. I will take it that your consent for the activities for each of the activities has not changed unless you inform me in writing via email. 

1. Enrolment ceremony this saturday

Change in dismissal timing: We will reach back in school at 130pm instead of 1pm
- Parents who wish to attend the enrolment ceremony are welcome to park in NYPS and take the school bus with us to the venue
- There is a parents' workshop for those who are interested to attend. The topic for the parents' workshop has just been made known:

Title: The future happiness of your child is – Now…
(How do I guide my children in their Educational and Career direction for their future happiness?)
1. What considerations should I have for guiding my child in their choice of school, programs of study or careers?
2. What can I do as a parent, to support my child (Primary school- and Secondary school- age) in their aspirations?

2. Awards Ceremony on Apr 21 (for P5 girls only)

Change in venue: GB headquarters has decided to change the venue to Singapore Chinese Girls’ School (190 Dunearn Road Singapore 309437) instead of at NYPS as NYPS is not big enough to hold all participating contingents
Change in timing: We will gather in NYPS at 1pm and dismiss from NYPS at 6pm
- P5 girls have the option of not attending the morning parade on Apr 21

3. GB Local Camp

Change in date: The date of the 2D1N local camp will be shifted back 1 week to Jun 1-2 from the previous May 25-26 due to the NY Arts Carnival that is happening on May 26. 
- Change in time: The timing of the camp is now from 9am (Jun 1) to 5pm (Jun 2)
- Further details on the programme and camp cost will be made known at a later date

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